A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Survive on a randomly generated map by chopping trees, making boats, etc. Kill your enemies with various weapons to win the game. Play online with your friends or locally against artificial intelligence.

CC uses an intelligent map generator to create beautiful looking worlds.

We're still developing CC, so stay tuned for more content! For more information: visit our site.

Install instructions

You can download the game from our site or directly using the links on this page.

We currently have a Java version and an Android version of the game. The Java version can be played on any system with Java 1.8 and OpenGL 3.0 support. The Android version is suitable for Android 3.0 and up.

To install the Java version, just unzip the downloaded zip file. If you're on a Windows machine, execute the 'executeOnWindows.bat' file to launch the game. Otherwise, you'll need to find out how to open a jar file on your OS.

The Android version can be installed by downloading and installing the apk file on your smartphone.


CC1_4_0.apk 6 MB
CC1_4_0.zip 10 MB

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